There are many ways to sponsor the VEC

  • Sponsor an existing show/event OR a show in development.  For example:  Phillips Comedy Night is sponsored by Phillips Brewery and The Merridale Showdown is sponsored by Merridale Cidery.
  • Be a funder for a small arts group, individual or charitable organization that needs assistance in paying for rental of the VEC.
  • Service, product or cash donation.  Make a donation

We will be happy to show due appreciation for your valuable contribution.  The level of recognition will depend slightly on the level of contribution.

As a show/event/VEC sponsor

  • Have your name/logo on all print promo material.
  • Be recognized as a VEC sponsor on this website.
  • Be provided with a number of tickets that you can give out to your employees/friends/clients.
  • Be invited to annual appreciation show/party.