Sound System

Through fundraising efforts, the VEC’s sound system received an overhaul in 2012 and we feel confident that the system and available gear can accommodate most event requirements. Supplementing the system is possible if needed.

Our House Techs are available for hire, for your show, at very reasonable rates. If you would prefer to use your own tech, please make certain that it is someone who is qualified and who is familiar with a system such as ours. In the case that you provide your own tech, we require that you hire ours for the initial hour to ensure that the system is set up and used properly and that your technical questions are answered. This will ensure the best sound quality and eliminate any complications. 

The VEC  is used as a live music venue by many, including the Rifflandia Festival and the Victoria Int’l Jazz Fest, and can accommodate all genres of music: electronic, folk, rock, punk, classical, world and everything in between.

VEC PA & Equipment


2 – UnityTM Series U15P Powered Speaker – 900w 15 / 3×5 inch / 1 inch


2 – Loudspeakers Series  LS800P – Powered Subwoofer, 1500w, 1×18 inch


2 – Yorkville Elite E10P powered loudspeakers

2 –  Yorkville powered NX520P Speakers at 550 watts per channel


SM58’s – 4
SM57’s – 3
Behringer C2 Condenser Mics -2 Samson Drum Kit Set
Kick Drum Mic: AKG D112


Kick Drum Stand -3
Telescoping Mic Stands (Long) – 9
Telescoping Mic Stands (Short) – 1
Straight Up Stand – 1


Behringer 2496 Processor
Lexicon MX200 Multi Effects Processor DBX 266XL Dual Compressor
2 – DBX 2231 Dual Equalizer

DI’s – 3

YOUTUBE VIDS of past performances at the VEC


Eugene Smith

Chris Ho

Greg Lundstrom

Justin Hewitt

Annie Nolan