Victoria Event Centre

Staffing & Promo


The VEC prioritizes the need for certified and qualified staff at each event hosted here. Our staff are knowledgeable and highly trained in their positions. Please find any staff member if you have questions about the venue or events.

Included in your base rate
  • Bartenders
  • Bar backs
  • Floor manager (when required)
Required Staffing
  • VEC House Tech
  • Door Staff & Coat Check


The VEC offers printing services.  We are able to print:

  • Standard 11×17 event/show poster (0.50 Colour, 0.25 B/W)
  • Handbills (0.30 / page – 4x/page)

We print on regular printing paper and do not print full bleed. Our quality does not meet professional printing standards; but is more affordable.


We want your event to be as successful as possible! Please take a look at our Promo 101 and promotional packages!