Book the Venue

Wanting to book the VEC? Here’s how you do it!

Call or email the VEC to either ask more questions OR to set up a time to meet with the GM to complete the booking process.


To book the venue and confirm your desired date, you will need to:

  • Place a non-refundable deposit of half of the venue rental fee, payable with credit card via PayPal or with cash or cheque (all cheques must be made out to Victoria Multi-Cultural Society).
  • Fill out a rental agreement with the GM; this is a simple three-page document that outlines the details of your event/show.

Note: Dates can be held, and will be marked as tentative bookings, but will not be confirmed until the above process is taken care of.  If we’ve held a date for you, we will contact you before giving it away to another interested party/person.