The following information should be used as a guideline only. The VEC endeavours to be as accommodating as possible and will treat each rental on an individual basis. Please contact us directly to find out more information and/or to set up an in-person meeting to discuss details and ideas.

Base Evening Rental Rates

EveningRental Rates
   Sunday   $  375 plus GST
   Monday   $  325 plus GST
   Tuesday   $  375 plus GST
   Wednesday   $  375 plus GST
   Thursday   $  480 plus GST
    Friday   $  785 plus GST
    Saturday   $  785 plus GST

Day Time Rentals

The VEC has day rentals available. Please contact us directly to find out more information.

Discounts for Non-Profits and Small Arts Groups

The VEC will offer discounts to non-profit and small arts groups where/when possible. Each month, there is a certain amount of in-kind sponsorship dollars allotted for this purpose. Please ask if you qualify for this discount. The discount may range from 5-20% OFF of the base rental costs (noted above).

Special Rates and Packages are available for:

  • Non-profit societies
  • Events or shows that run multiple days/nights
  • People/organizations that would like to book a series of dates throughout the year

Included in the Base Rental Rate:

  • Use of the VEC venue (including main space and green room)
  • Use of the PA system
  • Use of the theatre lighting and dance floor lighting
  • Self-serve Coat Check
  • Self-serve Concession
  • Bar Service and Staff
  • Use of VEC equipment including tables and chairs (see Equipment list)
  • Support of VEC’s staff to build a successful show/event
  • Basic Promotion of show/event.  For further info on Paid Promo Packages click here.

NOT Included in the Base Rental Cost:

  • Door & Coat Check Staff – Rate is $15/hr if needed
  • Sound/Light Technician – $40 for the first hour and 20/hour after that – OR you can provide your own qualified tech
  • Insurance (optional, with the occasion of sometimes being required)
  • Cleaning: $50 Flat Fee
  • Use of LCD Projector: $20 Flat Fee
  • Laptops/Ipods to play music and images: bring your own device (Mac or PC) to plug into our system