The following information should be used as a guideline only. The VEC endeavours to be as accommodating as possible and will treat each rental on an individual basis. Please contact us directly to find out more information and/or to set up an in-person meeting to discuss details and ideas.

Base Evening Rental Rates

To enquire about rates, please reach out to 

Day Time Rentals

The VEC has day rentals available for both the main stage area and the Dandy Lion Cafe. Please contact us directly to find out more information.

What we offer:

  • 19 years of supporting the arts and marginalized communities as a non-profit! Local art on the walls and emerging artists frequent our stage.
  • A welcoming space with inclusive values. Our staff are trained in cultivating safe spaces, there’s gender-neutral and accessible washrooms, and an elevator to come.
  • Lots of bright, open space in the cafe and access to a stage to test ideas, host events and explore creative projects.
  • Professional baristas serving affordable locally-sourced food & drink with gluten-free and vegan-friendly options.

Discounts for Non-Profits and Small Arts Groups

The VEC will offer discounts to non-profit and small arts groups where/when possible. Each month, there is a certain amount of in-kind sponsorship dollars allotted for this purpose. Please ask if you qualify for this discount. The discount may range from 5-20% OFF of the base rental costs (noted above).

Special Rates and Packages are available for:

  • Non-profit societies
  • Events or shows that run multiple days/nights
  • People/organizations that would like to book a series of dates throughout the year