The Victoria Event Centre is a venue that frequently holds fundraisers for clubs and non-profit associations and/or for individuals raising money for a particular cause. There are two ways we can help you raise funds for your organization:

Option A: Discount Rental Rate

  • Rent the VENUE (Prices vary depending on the day of the week, please see venue rental rate section).
  • Renter will be granted a 5-20% discount when renting venue for fundraising purposes for a non-profit organization.
  • Renter will be responsible for all aspects of planning and promoting their event, but VEC will provide basic promotional support (VEC website and Facebook page)
  • VEC will provide specific services and staff when necessary or requested. Bartenders and Concession Staff are included in rental.
  • VEC General Manager will advise Renter on additional fundraising ideas that can be incorporated into event and can suggest marketing tactics and how to best utilize local media outlets.
  • Renter will take all profits from ticket sales and any other fundraising elements (i.e. raffle tickets, silent auction).

Upside of Option A: 
If the event is promoted very well, the fundraising organization should be able to reach their fundraising goal. Past groups have successfully reached their goals of anywhere from $2000-$8000.

Downside of Option A: 
An organization may end up losing money or not earning what they hoped if their event isn’t marketed properly or if the equation isn’t calculated properly.

Option B: A Night on the Town!

The VEC presently produces four of its own events/shows on a monthly basis:

  • Improv Cabaret (1st Sunday of every month)
  • The Merridale Showdown (3rd Sunday of every month)
  • Tuesday Night Cabaret (2nd Tuesday of every month
  • Club Latino (One Friday a month, date varies)

So here’s how it works:

1 – Choose an event/show that you think you could sell ticket to.
2 – The VEC prints off up to 100 tickets (depending on show) for you to sell.
Cost of printed tickets is $20, or you can create your own.
3 – You can sell the tickets at whatever price you decide (but the VEC takes $5/ticket or $7/ticket for Club Latino nights, due to event production costs)
4 – You sell tickets and keep profits (tickets can only be sold in ADVANCE, not at the door).


If you decide you want to sell 50 tickets to The Merridale Showdown at $20/ticket, you will earn $750.00 (that’s 50 tickets x $15/ticket, with $5/ticket going to VEC).

Upside of Option B
Raising funds in this format is very easy, with very little risk, little planning and requires no money upfront.

Downside of Option B
If a fundraising event is organized very professionally and marketed very thoroughly, an organization may be able to make more of an overall profit when throwing their own independent event.