Q & A with Leyla Sutherland

Welcome to our new Executive Director! You can read Leyla’s full bio here.

What drew you to the VEC?

My background is in community arts and theatre, so to find a space like the VEC feels almost too perfect to be true. I am deeply inspired by the grassroots history and ongoing support the venue has from the community, and I am passionate about maintaining and supporting the local music, performance and arts scenes through this beautiful space. This opportunity came at a time that I was looking to ground myself somewhere new, so to land somewhere with such strong roots feels very complimentary to that desire.

What is your dream for the space?

I would like to continue to host the wide variety of performances and events that we are known for, while also finding new ways to support artists, producers and community members so that the arts can continue to thrive in this space (and beyond!). I’m hoping this will look like increased mentorship and learning opportunities and expanded programming to new community members.

What are your goals (work related or personal) for 2022?

My work goal for 2022 was to take on a new professional challenge, which I am squarely in the midst of in this new role! Personally, I am hoping to improve my dog’s recall, build new connections in Victoria and hike the Juan de Fuca trail!

What are your interests outside of work?

Many! I am deeply invested in pottery these days, but I also really enjoy sewing, cooking and bouldering. I hope to join a choir in Victoria + also find time to be braver at roller skating.