We hope to host you at the Victoria Event Centre in a safe, positive, and comfortable way!

In 2023, the VEC re-opened our elevator after an extensive renovation. For dimensions and details see Getting Inside

Accessibility at the VEC is an ongoing project, and we continue to work to make the space more accessible to all kinds of folks. There are also a lot of different barriers to accessibility that have been identified, that we continue to work on. As part of this process, we welcome feedback about access needs, and suggestions on creative ways to increase access. 

Getting to the VEC:

Stair Entrance (Broad Street)
Just inside the entrance, there is a moveable doormat that is slightly raised (~1/8″) above the floor. The front door swings outwards and leads to a staircase with 27 wood stairs, 11″ deep, 6″ high. There are wooden 2.5” handrails 38” up the wall on each side of the staircase (54” apart, not graspable on both sides at once). The handrails extend 8″ past the top stair and do not extend past the bottom riser.

Elevator Entrance (Pandora Alley)
Pandora Alley Entrance is accessed via the alley off Pandora Street, between Douglas and Broad Street (see a map of our entrances here). The elevator is a vertical platform lift, measures 35″ wide, 60″ deep and 80″ tall, and has a max load of 1000lbs. It is accessed through two 35″ wide non-automatic doors (one at the ground level, one at the 2nd floor). To operate the elevator you must press and hold a 1” button for the duration of the ride (approximately 40 seconds). The elevator is available during events and opening hours – if you require assistance please text or call 250 380 1280 for staff assistance.

Bus Access
There are numerous bus stops nearby. To view the full transit map please visit the BC Transit website, or you can plan your route using Google Maps.

Bike Access
There is 1 bike rack in front of the venue, and several others along Broad, Johnson and Pandora within 100m. The City of Victoria operates a free bike valet service at the corner of Broad and Pandora all year long, for operating hours and details please visit Bike Parking | City of Victoria.

There is metered public parking on Broad, Pandora and Johnson Street, free after 8 PM and on holidays, but the spots on Broad St near the VEC are often occupied. The nearest public parkade is at 645 Fisgard St, and is located approximately 300m or 100m away if you cut through Centennial Square. For more information about parking please visit Parking | City of Victoria.

There is one parking spot reserved for Disability Parking Permits at Pandora and Government. A map of reserved parking for people with BC Disability Parking Permit can be found here, and more info here.
There are curb cuts from parking on Pandora to the front entrance on Broad St (and curb cuts all along Broad St).

Inside the VEC:

Layout of the space:
The layout of all seating is highly variable and determined by event organizers, including number and layout of chairs and tables, and priority/reserved seating (e.g. there may be rows of chairs for certain events, or tables and chairs, or most chairs may be removed). For seated events, there will be priority seating identified with signage for anyone with reduced mobility or needing easy access to the washroom. Patrons are welcome to communicate any specific access needs to staff on site, or via email prior to the event to

Doorways and Steps
The main area (between the stage and bar counter) is level and without steps.

There is a ¼” metal lip at the doorway between the main area and the landing at the top of the stairs. The floor slopes up by ~1” over a distance of ~1’.

There are a few raised platforms on the perimeter of the room for that can be easily navigated around and do not interfere with accessibility of the main amenities:

Main Stage: First 9.5” high with 12” deep step, then 6” step up);
Side Stage: One 8” step up to side stage;
Guitar Bar Seating: Two steps (9” high with 10” deep step, then 6” step);
Half Wall Booth (behind): One step 6” up to seating area;
Upper Lounge Space (Accessed behind half wall seating): Additional single 6” step up

The coat check counter is 39” high; the bar is 42” high, the ATM is 39” to the keypad, 26” to the money slot, 40 to the card slot, and 45” to the bottom of the screen.

There are a variety of seating options including banquet chairs with padded bottoms and backs, high wooden chairs with padded bottoms and backs, and metal bar stools with no backs. The most common chairs (banquet chairs) used throughout the space are sturdy metal construction: 19” from the floor to the top of the 16×16 padded seat cushion; from the top of the seat cushion, the cushioned back 19” high.

Coat check
Coat check is available on-site for $2.50 (cash or card) and is not mandatory. The coat check counter is 39” high.

The VEC doesn’t serve food but you’re welcome to bring your own. Sometimes event organizers sell or provide food at events.

There are two single-user gender-inclusive bathrooms with individual sinks, and one multi-user gender-inclusive washroom with two stalls, three urinals and two shared sinks. One of the single-user washrooms is an accessible washroom.

The VEC is working to reduce scents throughout the space, as fragrances can be harmful for folks with respiratory problems and chemical sensitivities. We encourage people to avoid wearing/using scented products, including essential oils or other natural scents.

While we’re working to reduce scents at the VEC, it’s not a scent-free space.

Bathrooms are regularly cleaned with disinfectant cleaner; the area is regularly mopped with a floor cleaner; counters and tabletops are cleaned with food safe cleaner . These do not contain artificial scents, but they are not specialty low-scent products. There are scented urinal screens in the multi-user bathroom.

The lounge portion of the space was painted with interior latex paint in November 2017. 

The VEC occasionally uses a hazer for effect during performances. While haze is commonly used and deemed safe, people with respiratory conditions may have a higher sensitivity to haze. You can view the MSDS sheet for haze here. Please contact the VEC if you have any questions about the use of haze at an event.

Lighting in the main entrance & hall may be dimmed during events. Stage lights can be made brighter if needed. There are fluorescent lights in the multi-user gender-inclusive washroom (next to coat check) and one fluorescent light in the hallway between the Green Room and the main hall. 

The rest of the space (main hall and other areas) are lit by a combination of halogen and incandescent bulbs. The VEC does not have strobe lights or lasers but sometimes event organizers may bring special lighting for their events. Please contact the VEC if you have any questions about the use of strobe lighting or lasers at an event.

The VEC has a PA system and microphones that can be used for amplification, and a screen with a projector that can be used for visuals. Additional projectors or sound equipment may be brought in by event organizers. The VEC also has earplugs available by donation at the box office. Please contact the VEC if you have any questions about the use of audio equipment at an event.

The VEC is a liquor primary establishment, and we serve alcohol at most events. In some cases, alcohol may not be served at the request of the organizer. If you have questions about alcohol service please reach out to us at

The VEC has water freely available via a self-serve station located at the bar. Patrons are encouraged to help themselves.

The VEC has naloxone kits on site, and at least 1 member of staff at all times who is trained to administer naloxone.

Harm Reduction
The VEC encourages promoters to bring on harm reduction staff for their events. We regularly work with Good Night Out Victoria and Wild Harm Reduction, among others. Many of our staff have also received harm reduction training and we are working to formalize our Harm Reduction services and expectations. 

Additional venue policies can be found here.