The Information below gives some details about accessibility. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are still learning about accessibility and would love to hear feedback about how to create events that are maximally accessible. Thank you!


* The closest bus stop is 1 block away, on Douglas outside City Hall (#4, 11, 14, 21, 22, 30, 31, 32, 47, 48, 50, 61, 70, 71, 72). There is also a bus stop 1½ blocks away on Pandora west of Blanshard (#2, 27, and 28). We will have bus tickets available at the door.

* Bike lockup: There is 1 bike rack in front of the venue.

* Ways of getting inside the venue:

a) The front door leads to a staircase with 27 wood stairs, 11″ deep, 6″ height. There is a wood 2.5″ handrail on either side of the stairs (not both graspable at the same time given width between handrails). The handrails do not extend past the bottom riser, and extend 8″ past the top stair.

b) There is a back entrance with a service elevator that can be accessed from an alley off the south side of Pandora, between a liquor store and a City of Victoria office. The paved alley has a 2″ lip/drop to the parking lot where the door is located. From the alley there is a spot for drop-off in the parking lot that is the first right off the alley, directly beside the door to the elevator; note that this space is for drop-off only as if anyone parks in this spot it will block off other drop-offs for people needing to use the elevator. The door is locked and the elevator requires staff assistance to operate, so you will either need to call management at 250.812.3724 when you arrive, or have someone go inside the venue and let an event volunteer know that someone is waiting at the elevator entrance. There is a 33″ doorway in, then a 4″ gap between the outer floor and the inside of the elevator, which may be too big a gap for some mobility devices to cross. There are two doors (one a metal grate, one a wood grate) that need to be pulled down for the elevator to operate; one of the grates has a clearance of 61″ (so people who are standing may need to be able to tilt their head or bend their body to duck under it). The elevator is 4′ wide and 57″ deep.

* There are a few public parking spots near the front door, but note that these are often occupied by other downtown traffic. For distance from downtown placard spots see…/Documen…/parking-disabled-spots.pdf

* Seating: There are three seating areas. The main floor is accessible from both front and back entrances, and will be set up with chairs around round tables, which can all be moved to accommodate any mobility devices or service animals, or any other needed seating arrangements. There are also seating areas on raised (non-ramped) flooring at the back of the hall and the side of the hall, also with chairs; and one couch in a raised area near the sound booth. There are two types of chairs: the majority are folding chairs that are 14″ high and 17″ wide at the back, with a padded seat and no arm rests. There are also aluminium chairs with arm rests, that are 17″ high and 17″, and no seat cushion. The floor is hard surface with a small metal lip differentiating different areas. The venue is open seating but if you need to reserve a specific seat, you can let the organizers know and this will be arranged.

* Bathrooms: There are three multi-user bathrooms with stalls, that may be de-gendered for events. The venue has renovated one of the bathrooms to improve accessibility to one stall for people with mobility devices. This bathroom is located behind the stage and is accessed from a door to the left of the stage, turning right down a 34″ wide hallway, through another room and turning right through a 31″ door into the bathroom (signage will be posted and volunteers available to help find this bathroom). The largest stall has a 30″ internal door, and has a grab bar on the wall to the right if sitting on the toilet. The stall is 3.5′ x 5′. The sink is 30″ high and does not have a cut to wheel under the sink; the soap dispenser is 16″ deep from the front edge of the sink. The paper towel dispenser is 43″ from the floor.

* Scent: As fragrances can be harmful for individuals with respiratory disabilities and people with multiple chemical sensitivities, we request that people not wear scented products, including essential oils or other “natural” scents (please read The VEC has introduced a policy scent-free policy and are switching to scent-free cleaning products. If you have scent sensitivities we would like to hear ideas on ways we can try to make the venue better for you.

* Lighting is generally dim in the main hall; we have some control over stage lights if more lighting is needed (please contact an organizer to discuss).

* ASL or other interpretation, live-captioning, or other audio accessibility for this event may be available. There are fans that create ambient noise. Speakers and performers can make use of our PA system and microphones.

* The VEC is a licensed premises that serves alcohol. For some events, by request, we can cover up signs and access to alcoholic beverages.

* If you need a quiet space during the event to sit down away from crowds or the stage, staff will make office space available. Staff will need to be present in the office if it is being used.

If you have any questions about accessibility or needs to access the space that we can help with, please let us know:

the Victoria Multi-Cultural Society

ps Thank you to our friends that did the hard work and research of creating this accessibility statement.