VMS Board


Luke J Galimberti (President)

President of the VMS since 2013, Luke grew up on the wild Canadian prairies before making Victoria his home in 2001. A dedicated audiophile who plays the mandolin (very poorly) and the violin (somewhat less poorly) he grew up working in live music venues, from small clubs to outdoor festivals. His education includes business administration and a degree in professional communication, and by day he works for the provincial government specializing in the green economy and First Nations economic development. When he’s not working or at the VEC, Luke can most often be found hiking with his dogs or attempting to master a new recipe in the kitchen.

Eric Nordal (Treasurer)

Eric has spent over a decade working in the restaurant industry. After being dubbed the fastest bartender south of Colwood, he went into early retirement and decided to dedicate more efforts into community organizing here in Victoria. Eric has been involved in organizing with a number of groups including the Retail Action Network, SocialCoast, and the Community Action Bus. Eric doesn’t have any artistic abilities worth mentioning, but has hosted and helped to organize a wide-range of musical and cultural events locally. Having organized on a number of occasions at the Victoria Event Centre, Eric is thrilled to get more involved as an active board member.

Emily Hoffpauir (Secretary)

Emily is very passionate about environmental and social justice issues and the arts and has been actively involved in working with a variety of social service and environmental non-profit organizations throughout North America for over a decade. Before moving to Vancouver Island, she spent two years as the secretary and a member of the fundraising and board recruitment committee on the board of directors at the Environmental Youth Alliance in Vancouver.  She holds a BA in Geography, a Certificate in Environmental Communication and Public Awareness, and is currently working on her MA in Environmental Sustainability at Royal Roads University. For the past three years, her day job has been working as the Development & Public Engagement Coordinator at Wilderness Committee, a grassroots non-profit environmental organization.


Graeme Bousada

Graeme Bousada is a musician, activist and community organizer originally from Ottawa, Ontario. He has been living in Victoria for the past 3 years, where he has worked at a locally owned grocery store as well as a special education assistant. He is best known around town as BOUSADA, a live electronic act that regularly performs and plays shows around Vancouver Island. Prior to moving to Victoria, he lived on Cortes Island, where he managed a small mixed organic farm.

Angela Hillier

Angela Hillier is an artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa who runs monthly Art Battle live painting events in Victoria and Vancouver, BC. Angela worked for the Victoria Event Centre from September 2015 until June 2016 as Operations Coordinator. She also manages Art Battle operations across Canada and coordinates all online event pages. In the past, Angela worked for Public Outreach as a face to face fundraiser for charitable organizations while getting her undergraduate degree and enjoys running events to benefit the artistic community as much as painting at home and working on her own personal practice.

Andrew Kerr

Andrew has become increasingly involved in event organizing and Victoria’s arts and culture scene since first moving here from Ottawa four years ago. Most recently, he was an organizer for both FernFest and Fernwood Bites, the community celebration and fundraising events taking place in the heart of the Fernwood Neighbourhood. He works as a crisis intervention counselor at the Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter, and is currently working with Big Brothers Big Sisters Victoria to develop training sessions for their staff for the purpose of developing their forensic interviewing and facilitation skills. In addition, he has volunteered as a facilitator with Restorative Victoria since 2013. His passions include community building, music, and adventuring outdoors. He holds an MA in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria and a BA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights from the University of Ottawa.

Kaitlyn Matulewicz

Kaitlyn worked for roughly 7 years in the full-service restaurant industry in Ontario before moving to Victoria 5 years ago. She moved to Victoria to attend grad school at UVic and take up a research project on women’s experiences of sexual harassment working in restaurants. Kaitlyn is currently a part of two non-profit organizations in the community. Last year she was fortunate to meet a team of activists from the Retail Action Network (RAN) and has since joined RAN’s organizing committee. Kaitlyn has also been on the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition Board of Directors for two years and has been acting as chair of the Board for the last ten months.

Carol-Lynne Michaels

Carol-Lynne is a supporter of community-building events in Victoria B.C. who has been producing, volunteering and attending events in Victoria for the past seven years. She is the co-founder of TEDxVictoria.

Specifically at the Victoria Event Centre, she has produced, co-produced and volunteered for community film screenings with post-film panel discussions (OPEN CINEMA, Surfrider Foundation VI), improvisational theatre events (Canadian Improv Games), spoken word poetry festivals (VSWF, CFSW), fundraisers, rehearsals etc. Her newest production is an all-true storytelling series that will take place at the VEC once a month.

She currently works as a speaker coach and also as a content strategist at a digital marketing agency.

Stephen Portman

Stephen has been working on the front lines of poverty related social justice initiatives for the past 8 years in BC’s capital city of Victoria. With a belief that equality is advanced through determined and pragmatic approaches that bring people together from a variety of backgrounds, he has applied his post-secondary studies in political science and history to grassroots advocacy. Stephen is the lead organizer behind the Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project, a first of its kind in BC in the provision of targeted legal advocacy to low income non-unionized workers. A past co-chair of the Coalition for Public Legal Services, Stephen has long advocated for equal representation and sufficient funding in BC’s Justice System.

Stephen served as an early coordinating Member of SocialCoast, sat as member-at-large for both Provincial and Federal riding associations, and has participated in many activist based campaigns with a focus on bringing communities together. Lastly, Stephen has provided systemic and individual legal advocacy in the areas of homelessness, welfare, disability, and tenancy on behalf of thousands of individuals living in poverty on Southern Vancouver Island and across the province.

Kathryn Popham

Kathryn was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, where she began elocution lessons at the age of seven. She earned an A.T.C.L. degree in Speech and Drama from the Trinity College of London and graduated from the Professional Actor Training Program at Victoria’s Camosun College in 1977.

As a founding member of Kaleidoscope Theatre in Victoria, Kathryn performed in original works for young audiences. As an educational artist, Kathryn has extensive experience working with children. Audiences marvel at her ability to draw performances out of inexperienced youngsters. As an arts advocate, Kathryn exemplifies the importance of cultural enrichment for children. She returned to Victoria in 2012, looking to perform for adult audiences. She started up Delusional Productions with co-creator Wes Borg, and they launched Derwin Blanshard’s Extremely Classy Sunday Evening Programme.

Vincent Vanderheide

Vincent was raised from a very early age to appreciate the arts. Any money in the house, for extra curricular activities, was reserved for music or other artistic endeavours. This lead to various bands throughout high school and helped him put on various local concerts. All his summer earnings went towards piecing together a small music studio, guided by his father, whose similar passion has guided the audio direction at his church in Abbotsford. After high school, he moved to Victoria to pursue and complete a bachelor’s of arts and diploma as a sommelier. During this time he began to get involved in hospitality and developed a keen interest for bartending. He worked his way up to head bartender at Canoe brewpub and helped open four other restaurants and bars around Victoria as a bar/floor manager and in various other capacities.

Through it all, he never lost his love for music, working in various live music venues such as Sugar and Canoe up to his current posts at the Empress and Pagliaccis where his girlfriend performs music at both. He is incredibly excited for all the opportunities that the Event Centre offers for both the arts scene as well as for organization and activism.

Keith Williams

Keith Williams has worked on and produced dozens of shows at the VEC over the past 8 years. Keith is regularly seen in the tech booth or behind the bar.

Seamus Wolfe

Seamus Wolfe has a long history of involvement in arts and culture as well as a history of experience on many different non-profit boards. Most recently, he was the Events and Communications Coordinator for the University of Victoria Students’ Society and has also been deeply involved in the past with the Ottawa-based Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture. Boards that Seamus has been a member of include: local chapters of the United Steelworkers and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, The Graduate Students Associations of both University of Victoria and University of Ottawa, and the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. Seamus looks forward to working with all the creative and amazing people in the Victoria art, culture, politics, and society communities and with the other members of the VMS Board.

Holly Pattison

Bio to come.

Josef Krancevic

Bio to come.