The VEC has never applied for government funding and relies on venue rentals to cover all overhead expenses.

The VEC works to achieve this in the following ways:

  • The VEC works with local individuals/groups to produce shows/programs, such as the Sunday Shows at the VEC and Club Latino (previously Club Salsa).
  • The VEC works hard to create and offer an affordable, flexible, accommodating venue that works for a wide variety of functions/purposes.
  • The VEC provides promotional support, guidance and expertise for VEC renters, to help nurture and execute a successful event/show.

The only sources of revenue come from venue rental fees and bar profits.

The VEC believes in giving everyone equal opportunity and therefore, it supports individuals and groups in trying out new shows/events at the venue and benefiting from what the venue and experienced staff can offer. Over the course of ten years, the VEC has grown to be an arts/entertainment/cultural hub that the local community now relies on. We are here to stay and will continue to progress and eventually thrive.

LONG TERM GOAL (3 years)

To be financially fit, in order to:

  • Be able to offer an even more affordable venue for the local community to utilize.
  • Employ staff to fill essential roles such as: marketing, programming, maintenance.
  • Make improvements to the venue and acquire equipment, all of which will improve the renter’s overall experience and success.


Truth is, we will accept help in a wide variety of ways, so please offer any unique way that you would like to participate or contribute. However, there are a few main areas where we could use your help and they are:

There are a variety of ways that you could sponsor the VEC.  In-kind or cash sponsorship are equally valued. If you would like to be a VEC sponsor, please e-mail


Want to be more involved with the VEC? Seem like a place where you’d like to contribute some of your time and expertise? We will be creating a page that will outline the available volunteer opportunities, but until then please email the GM if you are interested in becoming at volunteer at



The VEC is often in need of a wide variety of equipment, such as furniture, sound equipment, office equipment, paint and supplies, etc. To learn more about options for donating to the VEC, click here.  To make a cash donation via PayPal, click on DONATE button!

We’d like to thank our existing Sponsors!

  • DRAUGHT WISE for keeping our tap lines clean and beer tasting great!
  • PHILLIPS BREWERY for being awesome in general. Specifically, for sponsoring 3 shows at the VEC: Phillips Comedy Night, The Derwin Blanshard Show & Pecha Kucha Night Victoria. Producing these shows would not be possible without them!
  • MERRIDALE CIDER for sponsoring The Merridale Showdown!
  • SEEN + HEARD for designing our wonderful logo and website framework.